It is only limited by your imagination that our artists' ability to produce realistic digital effects is not limited. Creative fox provide Best Architectural Visualization & Fit-Outs. Our specialised team of 3d animation & visual effects is one of good architectural visualization companies in oman giving different ways of increasing the bar in terms of photo-realism and realism in animation.


Our 3d animation & visual effects artists at CreativeFox are always pushing the boundaries of what is creatively and technically feasible. Our visual effects team creates high-quality visual effects for a variety of clients, including advertising agencies, videographers, film studios, independent filmmakers, and a variety of other organisations. We have established ourselves as one of the best visual effects services providers in Oman.

We deliver creative and innovative work in the context of visual effects for a variety of purposes to our clients based on their requests and requirements. In order to create erudite animations that are useful for a variety of reasons, visual effects are utilized extensively. We place a high value on generating quality work. We utilize a wide spectrum of digital special effects, including particle simulation to generate rain, snow, and debris, and fluid simulation to create smoke, fire, water and explosion video effects, among other things. Our artists are equipped with the necessary equipment and skills to produce realistic digital effects that are only limited by your creativity. Our highly skilled staff of compositors is always lifting the bar in terms of photo-realism.


I have nothing but praise for the entire Creative Fox crew. The level of quality and consideration put into the design far above our expectations. You can count on them to be quick to respond and dependable. Because we have entire faith in their judgement, we've learned to appreciate their special ability to create environments that are both extremely useful and aesthetically beautiful (not always the easiest balance). There is a consideration for budgetary limits, as well as smart design strategies that maximize the return on investment. To top it all off, they're a pleasure to work with, which adds to the fun. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is considering a project in the field of interior design.

Muhammad Arabiyat, Operation Manager VIEW PROJECT