Creative Fox provide Quality construction design works in Muscat. We works closely with the customer to ensure the best quality structures. Our team of architects are trusted Architectural design contractors in Oman which give graphics design that can help you with project planning, design, paperwork, estimates, and other documentation. Our design approach comprises all elements of planning and design from start to conclusion.


We hope to accurately and respectfully convey the architectural design concept so that you may finish the job and move on to the next challenge. Building begins with structural architecture. It assists in building structures that deliver to client requirements, visual appeal, and local standards.

A schematic drawing illustrates a completed project. It might reveal the entire structure or just a small piece of it.

Our mission is to provide builders the chance to examine their buildings more closely by displaying all the information. We, at Creative Fox, collaborate with our clients to ensure that their structures are of the best quality possible.

Our team follows architectural design process steps efficiently to convey a proper image to clients.

We can provide a broad range of planning and construction-related services, including the development of project plans, the creation of designs, the production of documents, the generation of estimates, and the production of other paperwork. Throughout the project lifecycle, our design process encompasses the whole spectrum of planning and designing, from the inception of the project to its completion.


I have nothing but praise for the entire Creative Fox crew. The level of quality and consideration put into the design far above our expectations. You can count on them to be quick to respond and dependable. Because we have entire faith in their judgement, we've learned to appreciate their special ability to create environments that are both extremely useful and aesthetically beautiful (not always the easiest balance). There is a consideration for budgetary limits, as well as smart design strategies that maximize the return on investment. To top it all off, they're a pleasure to work with, which adds to the fun. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is considering a project in the field of interior design.

Muhammad Arabiyat, Operation Manager VIEW PROJECT